16th Consultation of the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy


With hope in our Hands. Being Chaplains through challenging times.



12 - 14 May 2021


Dear All,

Our 16th Consultation, having been cancelled last year, will take place from Wednesday 12th May to Friday 14th May 2021 as an online event due to ongoing travel restrictions.
Registration for this event must be complete by 15th April.
This will be a slightly curtailed Consultation which will run over three afternoons.
Sadly, we cannot meet face to face but we hope that we will all enjoy connecting again to share experiences and discuss the implications for our work of all that has happened over the past year.
As the past twelve months have altered many aspects of our working patterns as Chaplains, this Consultation will give us an opportunity, on day one, not only to hear the recent results of research into the effects of the pandemic on spiritual care delivery, but also to share our personal experiences of such difficult times.
Our papers for discussion, which will take the form of a Journal Club on the second day, are all related to the effects of Covid-19 on our life and work. We will be offered six journal papers to discuss in two breakout sessions. For one session we can choose between the journal papers, for the other session we will be assigned another paper. You can find the list of Journal papers and the links in attachment. They will also be placed on the ENHCC website. Access to the appropriate journals will be free of charge. Your choice for one journal paper must be emailed to the administrator by 30th April.
On our third day we will discuss the theme of charting and how our work is documented. If possible, we may be able to come to a consensus as to how some of this work may be undertaken, bringing greater conformity across regions.
The whole Consultation programme is interspersed with comfort breaks in order to alleviate any problems arising from long spells of screen watching.
Because this event is being conducted online, it is possible for non-members to join with us. You are therefore welcome to invite colleagues who would not normally attend. The committee has decided, however, that while there should be no charge for participants of members of ENHCC, participants of non-members should pay a sum of 65 euros. This fee should be paid by 30th April and will be non-refundable.
In addition, members who wish to contribute to the cost of this online event may make a donation to ENHCC if they wish. Bank details are available on the website.
Each time you enter the Consultation online it is essential that you give a clear indication of your name and not just ‘I-pad’ or ‘Galaxy’ or some other technical name. Only those who have clearly recognisable names and who have made any necessary payment will be admitted by the administrator. Please refer regularly to the ENHCC website where up to date information may be found.
We look forward to welcoming all of you to our 16th Consultation.
With kindest regards and best wishes on behalf of the Committee of the ENHCC,

Simon Evers

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