17th Consultation of the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy


"Connecting Heart to Heart –
Being a Chaplain & Being with Others"

2022, May 11 to 15, Island of Crete


    The ENHCC's 17th Consultation has taken place from Wednesday 11th May to Sunday 15th May 2022, at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, near the beautiful town of Chania. You can see a video of the Academy here.  

    1. Final Programme
    2. Consultation Hymn
    3. Invitation Letter
    4. Registration Form
    5. Consultation Papers
    6. Book of Abstracts

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    From the consultation

    Consultation pictures

    All pictures taken by Siimon Hammer, ENHCC's unofficial photographer can be found here.

    Lectures (in alphabetical order)

  • Anne Vandenhoeck - Chaplaincy and big stories A research update of ERICH Presentation
  • Annelieke Damen, Carmen Schuhmann - Can Outcome Research Respect the Integrity of Chaplaincy Presentation
  • Armin Kummer - Connecting with men’s hearts - critical insights for gender-sensitive spiritual care and chaplaincy with men Presentation
  • Axel Liégeois - Digital sharing of spiritual data in mental healthcare Presentation
  • Carmen Schuhmann, Annelieke Damen - Humanist chaplaincy Towards an inclusive understanding of chaplaincy in secularizing contexts Presentation
  • Daniel Nuzum - Keynote Who am I Presentation
  • Elizabeth Allison - Exploring the reasons why patients choose to access or decline chaplaincy services in an acute NHS hospital Presentation
  • Elsbeth Littooij - Involving meaning in rehabilitation practice Presentation
  • Elsbeth Littooij - Setting meaningful goals - experiences - Littooij et al Presentation
  • Elsbeth Littooij - Setting meaningful goals - rationale - Dekker et al Presentation
  • Ervik Haavard, Odd Arne Skogen, Odd Erling Vik Nordbrond - Spiritual care integrated in the quality system of hospital and elaboration of a tool to help healthcare address spiritual issues Presentation
  • Eva Buelens, Lindsy Desmet - Encountering patients - a dynamic process of clarifying their spiritual needs, assessing the processes that take place within the intervention and searching for outcomes Presentation
  • Eva Ouwehand - Religious Experiences and Bipolar Disorder Occurence and Significance Presentation
  • Filip Vermeire, Martijn Steegen - The Small Goodness as DNA for what constitutes good pastoral care Presentation
  • Gaby Jacobs, Annelieke Damen, Carmen Schuhmann - Collaboration, knowledge building and knowledge sharing in primary health care and social care chaplaincy - a knowledge workplace in The Netherlands Presentation
  • Gaby Jacobs, Stefanie de Cuba, Ilse Frank, Ria Mous, Marieke Steerenberg, Suzette van Ijssel - Meeting on Meaning - Collaborative learning of chaplains at home and practice nurses mental healthcare Presentation
  • Iain Telfer - Reporting on Scoping Study of Spiritual Care Services in NHS Scotland Presentation
  • Job Smit, Carmen Schuhmann, Annelieke Damen - Chaplaincy in a (post)secular age - How to take care of non-religious patients Presentation
  • Karen Murphy - Chaplaincy in palliative care – proving our worth and standing our ground Presentation
  • Lars Bjorklund, Kerstin Dillmar - Keynote Who are you.pdf Presentation
  • Lars Bjorklund, Kerstin Dillmar - Keynote Who are you 2 Presentation
  • Maria Borghi-Ziegler - A shared resource - singing as an example of a pastoral intervention Presentation
  • Mark Newitt - Pastoral Presence Character Virtues and Engendering Hope Presentation
  • Martin Moravec - The experiences of mixed professions - chaplain and physician Presentation
  • Martin Walton - Keynote The Circle and the Square of Encounter and Care Presentation
  • Martin Walton, Elly Snaterse, Maaike de Goei - Interpretation of chaplaincy care by clients Presentation
  • Pascal Mösli - A Set of Indications for Pastoral Care in Healthcare Institutions Presentation
  • Pascal Mösli - New chaplain charting models in the context of a national research-project in Switzerland Presentation
  • Raphael Olberding - Describing effects and outcomes of healthcare chaplaincy - A mixed-method research project Presentation
  • Renske Kruizinga, Tina Glasner, Carmen Schuhmann, Gaby Jacobs - The integration of chaplains within the healthcare team A qualitative analysis of a survey study among healthcare Presentation
  • Rosie Morton - Living hope a case study Presentation
  • Simon Harrison - Caring as a Portmanteau Professional Presentation
  • Stijn Vandenbossche - The Future of Christian Identity in Caring Presentation
  • Thomas Sjöberg - How to approve existential health among patient and personal staff Presentation
  • Tullio Proserpio - Experiences of multidisciplinary sharing and training on spirituality and medical care Presentation
  • Tullio Proserpio - Press Clipping Press Clipping